Chat with adult without credit

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If a client has been on the phone with you for more than 5 minutes (there are plenty of times when they aren't on for 5 minutes) then you are both able to leave each other feedback.

If you're able to mention in the phone call that you'd appreciate feedback then please do.

This is because when you go to withdraw your earnings, Adult Work will charge a 30% admin fee.

Despite the Channel 4 documentary – you can't do much else whilst you're on the phone to a client.

Remember that they're paying for your services and they can tell when you aren't giving them your full attention.

Blocking someone If you get into a situation where you want to block someone from calling you, you can do this by going to your email inbox and clicking “blocked senders” and then adding the nickname of the person who you want to block. Next week I will be posting a “Questions and Answers” session – please comment on this post or tweet me @emmadrewinfo with your questions.

You can also use credits to “feature” your profile on the site – this will give you a prime location during certain time slots.

You can pre-book these – the earlier you pre-book then the cheaper the rate that you get.

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