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The latest dating innovation app, Pears hosted a launch party at Shoreditch gallery on Thursday 1st November.

A guest list of celebrities and influencers attended to mark the launch of the new app, including Bollywood actor Harshvardhan Kapoor, British Bollywood actress Banita Sandhu, Bodyguard actress Anjli Mohindra, Iron Fist actor Sacha Dhawan, Ackley Bridge and Eastenders actress Meryl Fernandes, Hollyoaks actress Amrit Maghera, as well as Ukrainian model Anna Andres to name a few.

I think one doesn't need to rise "above" dating and sex.

Even if you stick to those topics, you can create beautiful films and shows.

While it is being speculated that the duo wanted to keep their relationship under wraps, some onlookers may have spilt the beans!

Certain bystanders have been alleging that Bhumi has often been spotted stepping into Jackky’s car post her workout sessions!

And when they had to call an industry friend, unsurprisingly, she speed-dialled Sidharth.

Both the actors have recently come out of break-ups.

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Later, when Tiger was asked what Sid had that he wished he did, he simply turned and looked in Tara’s direction. ” she retorted while Karan looked into the camera with a meaningful stare and wondered, “When did that start?

” Tara’s “There is nothing” left Tiger unconvinced.

I have dated a celebrity and the world doesn’t know.”The actor is currently busy with multiple projects up her sleeves, however, she’s clear about her perspective in relationships.

Sonakshi can’t stand her partner cheating on her in a relationship.

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