Bipolar adult chatline

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Provides a wide range of services including support, respite, befriending, day services, counselling/talking therapies, face to face and on telephone.Hearing Voices Network: support and understanding to those who hear voices and those who support them. Immediate help on phone 24 hours a day 7 days a week.There are exceptions, of course, where in some areas improvements are being made for mental health users to be really listened to and a higher quality of care and support is given but we can only speak for the majority of our callers with mental illness that universally much more needs to be done to help anyone suffering with mental illness.One in four people suffer from some kind of mental illness which can often be as a result of neglect, emotional, physical, sexual abuse in childhood and/or considerable trauma in adulthood.IF YOU FEEL YOU ARE IN DANGER OF HARMING YOURSELF OR ANOTHER PERSON PLEASE SEEK HELP IMMEDIATELY.IF THE PERSON YOU TELL DOES NOT UNDERSTAND AND FIND YOU HELP YOU MUST FIND SOMEONE ELSE WHO WILL HELP YOU TO GET THE HELP YOU NEED.From our experience in supporting people with mental illness it is apparent that in many areas resources are very limited, community mental health teams are often overstretched and under funded and key workers may not always be able to spend quality time with each individual in his/her care.

BPD Helpline, Information, advice, support for anyone with borderline personality disorder, family and friends.

Bristol & District Tranquilliser Project 0117 9500020 (Mon - Thurs 10am - 3.30 pm) Help for those having problems with certain prescribed psychotropic medications (benzodiazepines, tranquilisers, sleeping tablets, other sleeping tablets and antidepressants.

Help for people who are taking, who are considering taking and those who have recently withdrawn from this type of medication.

Cause Helpline: 08 (Area served NORTHERN IRELAND), - Practical and emotional support for carers and families of those with serious mental illness.

Community Advice and Listening Line (CALL) 0800 132737 (Area served WALES), - Helpline providing advice, information and emotional support for anyone concerned about their own or another's mental health Equality Advisory & Support (EASS) 08 and assists individuals on issues relating to equality and human rights across England, Scotland and Wales.

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