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Use app categories: You can create categories for the apps that you add to the app list and filter your app list by category.On Android and i OS devices, the apps are organized into these categories in the user’s work apps list.View the status of Black Berry Collaboration Service instances on the BES12 Instances screen: You can view the status of each Black Berry Collaboration Service instance in your domain on the Settings BES12 Instances screen.The status provides information about whether the Black Berry Collaboration Service is running or stopped and the Black Berry Collaboration Service version that is installed.Create email templates: You can now use an HTML editor to create the templates for device activation emails and compliance notifications, allowing you to format the text and include corporate images. Get expanded device conditions in compliance profiles: You can now specify whether devices that have not been in contact with BES12 for a specified length of time are non-compliant.You can also add a list of restricted OS versions and device models to compliance profiles and select the actions that occur if the user does not correct the issue.BES12.5, the latest update to Black Berry Enterprise Service 12, has just been released as a service pack update for BES12.Among the many upgrades in BES12.5 that will improve your ability to manage mobile devices in the enterprise, we’ve added new features for the management console, licensing, and Good Dynamics.

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If you are not the named recipient you should not read, distribute, copy or alter this email.Some suites also allow you to use BES12 value-added services.Mix device-based and user-based licenses: Device-based licenses allow a user to activate one device with one license.Send user certificates to Good-enabled devices: If you have integrated BES12 and Good Dynamics, you can add a client certificate to a user account that is specifically for Good-enabled devices, or users can add the certificate in BES12 Self-Service.Disable the ability to add users to Good Control: Users are synchronized between BES12 and Good Control only when users are created in BES12.

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