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Building a theory of the phenomenon is an essential stage of a major discovery. Theoretical modeling of electron flow action on probability of nuclear fusion of deuterons. The low energy nuclear reactions (subthreshold nuclear reaction) are exist. And if you manage to release the total energy of a substance according to Einstein’s formula E = m · c2, then you can get of substance in relation to the fusion of hydrogen nuclei. The sample was completely saturated with deuterium, and then I turned off and turned on the heater. The appearance of the auto-oscillation mode with a frequency of 0.33 Hz on the pressure graph is circled in red.

For this reason, the development of the theoretical foundations of the mechanism and kinetics of nuclear reactions in condensed matter at low energies is no less important than the detection and confirmation of anomalous phenomena. In the book “Progress in Condensed Matter Nuclear Science”, Editor A. World Scientific Proceedings of 12th conference on cold fusion. These process can be used in the different fields of science and technology. Next, I analyzed the estimate of the energy released during the fusion of hydrogen nuclei, and it turned out that the only thermonuclear reaction involving hydrogen that could give such an amount of energy per gram of substance, refers to a pair of tritium-protium. Influence of Electrochemical Treatment on Sodium – Tungstic Bronzes // Abstracts of the International Conference, “Minsk, Belarus, May 25–27 1993, pp. And such a self-oscillating mode can last up to four hours. According to calculations, an excess heat of 360 Watts per 7 g of titanium was obtained.

The most convincing results were obtained in Japan [31–33]. Result – the general inventions and patents, good publications. However, the institute did not last long and was closed at the end of 1990. I calculated the time of effective half-life, and it turned out: What can disintegrate in the installation?

She currently teaches math at College of the Redwoods in Eureka, California and conducts outreach events for the public to support clean energy from cold fusion. Materials of the 25th Russian Conference on Cold Transmutation of Cores of Chemical Elements and Ball Lightning, 2019 (in press), Moscow. Data for the same isotopes is shown in the W foils. The method of Fleischmann and Pons is extraordinarily simple. * * * Then I started in my alma mater, the Ural Federal University (UFU), organizing seminars on cold fusion. Extract from the minutes of the scientific seminar of the Department of Technical Physics from May 25, 2011 on the topic “Single-nuclear nuclear reactions”. Title of the presentation of the grant application for the development program of the Ural Federal University. To organize the laboratory, we applied for projects to receive grants for the development of the university several times. The results obtained not only confirmed, but also significantly surpassed the results of previous studies on the titanium – deuterium scheme. Application for European patent on the method and device of cold fusion operating on deuterated titanium, from 2012. Because the Russian patent, which I received in 1997, ended its action in 2017. The first process, shown in blue, is due to the low energy of heat dissipation of the physico-chemical process of formation of titanium deuteride.

A remote report by the leading technologist of the Institute of Geology and Mineralogy of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, named after Academician V. Sobolev, Doctor of Geological and Mineralogical Sciences, Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, Vitaly Alekseevich Kirkinsky presented “ I became interested in cold fusion right after 30 years ago when the radio news of electrochemists Martin Fleishman and Stanley Pons at the University of Utah, USA, was announced on the radio. Neutron and gamma radiation in a deuterium heat generator in connection with the problem of the mechanism of nuclear reactions at low energies Materials of the 24th Russian Conference on Cold Transmutation of Nuclei of Chemical Elements and Ball Lightning, p. The comparison of the mass spectra and the gamma spectra shown to the existence of Yb and Hf, isotopes in W after experiments in Deuterium. This experiment, said the vice-president of the University of Utah, is similar to those conducted by first-year students using two electrodes immersed in a liquid. Here is the protocol of one of the seminars at the Department of Technical Physics, in which it is stated that the specialists and the management of the department support this area and talk about the need for public funding. In 2015, the seminars developed into the idea of organizing a laboratory on low-energy nuclear reactions at the Faculty of Physics and Technology of Ural Federal University. The head of the laboratory was to be the doctor of physical and mathematical sciences B. The idea of ​​creating the laboratory was actively supported by the famous theoretical physicist from the Massachusetts University of Technology Peter Hagelstein, who today, March 23, 2019, should open a memorial colloquium for the 30th anniversary of cold fusion in Cambridge in a few hours. On the left – reactor diagram on the right, in the center – a general view of the reactor, on the right – a working sample. An application for registration of a European patent was filed and filed in 2012. The formation of titanium deteride gives us Q1 = 84.83 k J of heat.

At first a musician and performance artist, one day she waltzed into Temple University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and got a physics degree. As a result of this work, we were able to show the presence of alpha, beta and gammas. Another major advantage – the waste of this process is scanty. * * * Vladimir Balakirev wrote a response for the State Duma, in which he argued, and in this I fully support him, that cold nuclear fusion or low-energy nuclear reactions “are fundamental in their essence and are able to lead humanity into a new orbit of existence.” Fig. Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, State Prize Laureate Vladimir Balakirev. Balakirev’s letter to the State Duma on cold fusion is actually only part of a huge correspondence between the Russian government, the Ministry of Defense, the State Duma and the Russian Academy of Sciences with scientists and each other in connection with the publication of the US Department of Defense report on cold fusion.

Thinking that math might be easier, she then earned a Masters degree in Math at University of Miami in Miami, Florida. The alpha activity of Uranium increased after irradiation with hydrogen and deuterium ions about 2-4 times, and beta and gamma emission increased from 10 to 60%. The scientists of the world have long been fighting the problem of fusion. The letter to the State Duma also listed promising areas for the use of cold fusion, such as:– obtaining cheap, environmentally friendly thermal and electrical energy;– single-wire and wireless transmission of electromagnetic energy;– obtaining all chemical elements and scarce isotopes;– the use of “strange” radiation;– obtaining sources of highly targeted x-ray radiation (x-ray lasers). We wrote letters, in response we received answers from the Russian Academy of Sciences, from the Ministry of Defense. Temperature change of the sample (6.9 g) with the supply of D2 2% air . 29 shows the change in the pulse counting of the neutron detector. Sample temperature at titanium deuterium loading 09/14/2015.

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