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VS Code now measures the average time it takes to render a frame and if it takes too long, you will get a notification to switch to the new fallback DOM renderer: This new renderer uses the DOM like the original terminal, so if your environment has issues rendering with canvas, this should provide a more stable experience.You can also turn on the DOM renderer manually with this setting: .You can read more about what's new in TS 2.9 on the Type Script blog.VS Code can now automatically update import paths when a Java Script or Type Script file is moved or renamed: This feature requires Type Script 2.9.Blocks of import statements are now foldable in Java Script and Type Script: This feature requires Type Script 2.9 .You must also have semantic folding enabled (it is enabled by default). Completion for SCSS's @-Rules and Directives has been added.

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"Column breakpoints" were renamed to "inline breakpoints" because the community is much more familiar with the term "inline breakpoint". You can now step through all breakpoints using the Go to Next Breakpoint and Go to Previous Breakpoint commands.With this addition, we are deprecating the less general command Open Folder as Workspace in New Window.We plan to drop support for it in the following milestone.There is a new command Duplicate Workspace in New Window to duplicate the current workspace in a new window.This command can be used as a workaround to the current limitation that one workspace cannot be opened in two windows.

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