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The only way for it to change is to detach and re attach the xref.?

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~Unknown~Hi Richard, If you want the base color of the xref to take precedence over the xref color you need to set VISRETAIN to 0.

After you load the LISP file, run the command Xrecol and select the xref.

The LISP code sets Visretain to 0, reloads the xref, then sets Visretain back to 1.

Hope this helps Yes, just to help explain further, if you want to update the drawing layer colors to match the xref after it's been modified, you need to set visretain to "0" save, reload the xref, set visretain back to "1" and save again to lock in those changes.

Check this thread out too, it talks about linetypes but layer colors are handled the same way for xrefs.

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