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What is the craziest porn film that you have ever seen? Do you have any fetish or eccentricity when it comes to sexual activities? If I asked you to touch yourself while I watched you do it, would you do it? On a scale of 1 to 10, with one being least sexual and 10 having a high sex drive, how sexual a person are you? Do you ever think of someone other than me while doing it? Here is an ultimate list (2019 updated) of sexual & dirty questions to ask a girl and turn her on. Asking these questions, you can make her really wet down. If you had to kiss a man anywhere other than his face, where would you kiss him? What would you do if you accidentally come across me while I’m naked? Do you prefer making love with the lights open or closed? Have you ever thought about having sex in front of a mirror? You like it when I’m shy and sexy or daring and sexy? Do you like your man to be aggressive and rough or gentle in bed? If you could have a threesome with another guy and me, who would you choose and why? What sexual fantasy would you like to try with me, given a chance? If we were only friends right now and I was drunk with you, would you take advantage of me or be a gentleman and drop me home? If we were on a vacation and were having sex in a hotel room, and you suddenly realized that a man was watching us from the window of his room, would you stop having sex or continue it? If I ever came upon you while you were masturbating, would you be embarrassed and stop it or finish doing your task till you cum? In fact, your girls can also ask these naughty questions to a guy or your boyfriend to make your sex life more excited and know him dirty side. Do you like being the dominated one or the submissive one in the bedroom?

Have you ever slept with the boyfriend of a good friend?

Have your parents ever caught you having sex or making out with an inanimate object?

What is the dirtiest sexual fantasy that you would want to fulfill soon? Do you like gentle, sweet lovemaking or rough and aggressive sex?

146) Who was the youngest person you have slept with? 148) What part of my body do you like kissing the most? 150) What would you do with me if we were alone right now?

What is the sexiest thing you want to do before die?

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