Artist meet other artists for dating

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Why you have to stay up that extra hour to get things just right. They think they have something to gain from your craft.

If you want to make a living at your art, learn the business and lay it out for your partner. Show your normal guy or gal why it’s important you wake up in a puddle of dried paint, covered in charcoal at 3 in the morning. Maybe I should have listed this earlier, but do not, I repeat DO NOT date someone who wants to be with you because you’re an “artist.” These are vile, loathsome creatures that feed off your misery and creativity. Unfortunately, there are laws against using fire against people, but you can at least distance yourself and use that awesome imagination to them on fire.

Whether it’s a major city or a rural area, abroad or local, you can easily find people in a particular area.

It is far easier to use dating sites to find men/women to date in specific areas than it is to travel to those areas with the hopes of meeting someone. You can send messages back and forth with people dozens of times before you finally decide to meet them.

I put it in quotations because there really is no such thing, but to put it in perspective. I’ve gotten a lot of really good plot ideas from my boyfriend because I told him the issues I was having with a story. There’s a little voice at the back of your head that tells you all kinds of horrible things. Beat this little fella with sticks, lock it in a closet and don’t feed it. So my tips for dating an artist is apparently very popular (at least as far as I’m concerned) and hopefully a little helpful for folks. I don’t know how it is for painters, graphic designers, jewelers, seamstresses, etc., but for writers, we have a super active imagination. I’ll SEE the monster in my room with all the lights on and never sleep. Not the scary something under the bed nightmares, the what if nightmares. Now, with that thought in mind, let’s flip this idea around a little bit. Don’t just assume “they don’t understand.” That feeds back into the whole tortured artist thing and, quite frankly, it’s annoying. Because, you see, relationships need to be nurtured. If you’re lucky enough to do your art for a living, with no day job, you’ll need lots of hours locked up in a room. For a while, my boyfriend and I had a printed piece of paper with the words “I Love You” on them. But my point is, go on dates, stare dreamily into each others eyes, play Halo (or Borderlands or Call of Duty or whatever) together, go for hikes, go swimming, float the river, be inspired. It’s beautiful out there and you should share it with someone you love. You need to focus on your craft so you have to lock yourself in a room for an hour or two. Let them know how much you care about them and how much you appreciate their support. You don’t have to buy roses or take them out to eat, but just a little “thank you” now and again goes a long way.

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