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But, things have changed such as the ticket for the theater used to be six bucks for six hours. You are not allowed to have sex there but it is the only bar that opens nightly and sexual activity is discouraged. Looking for smooth bottoms to come and let me watch you suck and get pounded i... When you get to the National Forest boundary (about a 10 minute walk from the parking lot) look to the left for another fence entry; look uphill or 118 steps east from the three electrical poles. Be sure to take the left branch which is just 90 steps from the fence entrance and walk into the side canyon where eventually you will come to a shallow wash. We found a good spot to mess around that is hard to see until you&#... It felt great and I was comfortable with my bare as... I noticed he left the door to his lounge open and I invited ... University police are cracking down on campus sites, questioning guys.That said, a few BJ does happen here and there but not often. They should call it the ' Albuquerque Lesbian Club'. Went to this place and it generally picks up later in the evening. The bathroom is out of the way and you can hear if anyone is coming. Look for the orange dot on the rock which is the entry into the small canyon area. The steamroom seems designed by a gay man so there is lots of warning time for men walking in. At the stop sign make a right turn onto Camino de la Sierra for about a block, then make a left turn into the Piedra Lisa parking lot. I hiked up the large rock face after 5 pm on a weekday and then hiked back into the canyon naked. I hiked up on a Friday around Noon and went to the top of the rock face. Several have been caught in the act and turned over to Albuquerque Police. No bathrooms on the first floor, but rather in the basement. You just have to be willing to get in the stall and wait like five minutes or so and bam!I've been going for years here, I only go to the theatre but lots of guys use the arcade also. Will be in booth waiting for clean cock to pop tart gloryhole. Please contact through my profile if you're int... Arriving around 8 pm or a bit after, looking to play and hopefully take a load in one of my holes.A fair number of guys just off the street go in as well as the old trolls but now and then you get a ... The toilet has low stall walls making understall activity impossible, but facilitating eye contact, I have hooked up at night; during the day I wouldn't bother. Headed there tonight, will be in last booth to right sucking cock until it pumps a load in my mouth or can shoot your thick sticky load deep in my tight hole. I'm tight, disease-free and can control muscles in my hole to squeeze your ...Alamogordo, Albuquerque, Anthony, Artesia, Belen, Bernalillo, Carlsbad, Clines Corners, Clovis, Deming, Espanola, Farmington, Gallup, Grants, High Rolls, Hobbs, Jemez Springs, La Cienega, Las Cruces, Las Vegas, Lordsburg, Los Alamos, Portales, Radium Springs, Rio Rancho, Roswell, Ruidoso, San Marcial, Santa Fe, Santa Rosa, Silver City, Socorro, Taos, Truth or Consequences, Tucumcari Going north on White Sands will pass Tenth Street and go about two or three blocks north past the zoo and turn left.Bypassing the sex toy shop it's easy just walk straight to... It's a great place, but be ready to get a little workout getting up there. I'm going to be here at this location today all day.Like all adult bookstores in Albuquerque, this one is also a hit or miss. The tops stand in the hallway, while bottoms go into the booths. This spot is still my favorite cruising spot for stocky men, truckers, and other older men. I'll have a bottle and some smoke and a few new bottles of poppers. The further up you go, the more quiet spots you find. I have no money but if you pay for me to get in a booth I will suck you until you cum all over my face. I had been fantasizing to come up with the courage to finally strip completely nude in a theatre and finally hung out naked here this past February. I net a buffed, married, black guy who gave the eye.

I'd also love to find a dive buddy or travel companion (my longtime dive buddy is giving up diving because of health problems).On my way to California got a message from a trucker friend that was in serious need of a blow job at this Rest Stop, Mile Marker 164 [mdash] Anthony. I'm fairly new to the area and finally had the opportunity to visit the bookstore on a Sunday morning and the young attendant there was very friendly and showed me around since we were the only on...I've gone several times this summer and met hot young guys who are approachable if done dicreetly.With over 11 million members and 20,000 people joining every day, there is someone for you!Indulge yourself and find partners for hot Sexual Encounters!

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