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In some cases, Captains can be in the role of a Squadron Commander.Promotion through the Company Grade Officer Ranks: Promoting from 2nd LT to Captain is nomally based on Time in Service (TIS) and Time in Grade (TIG), provided the officer meets Air Force standards for performance and behavior.

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General officers are usually base or Wing Commanders, or serve as Staff at Higher Headquarters level or joint billets.Lieutenant Colonels often serve as Squadron and Group Commanders, Staff at Wing level or Higher Headquarters, Director of Operations, and other advanced positions.Colonels can hold many of the same positions as Lt Cols, but usually in a more advanced or larger environment, up to a Wing Commander.Above-the-Zone promotions are rare, and most officers passed up for promotion more than once are required to separate from active duty or retire.General officers, also known as Flag Officers, are those in the ranks of O-7 and above.

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