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It is important to keep the bladder and bowel as healthy as possible and that you eat a healthy, balanced diet with plenty of fibre and consume enough fluid (ideally water and around 6-8 glasses a day) in order to regulate the bowel and keep stools at the right consistency to avoid constipation.

It is best to limit or avoid caffeine, fizzy drinks and alcohol as these can irritate the bladder.

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Monica Still, an adult with Spina Bifida (SB) and second-time attendee said it best, “Teal on the Hill provided camaraderie but added to it a sense of purpose that was and is greater than self.” The event kicked off with an opening reception, where attendees had the opportunity to mingle with old and new friends.

Even though Teal on the Hill is over, we still have much more work to do, and you can help with just a few clicks of a button.

Click here to ask your Members of Congress to support the funding for the National Spina Bifida Program at the Centers for Disease Control; protect access to specialized equipment for manual wheelchairs, and join the Spina Bifida Caucus. And we want to give a big thanks to this year’s Teal on the Hill sponsors.

The room erupted in applause, and everyone was even more excited to go on the Hill the next day.

While on the Hill, Stephanie Rasmon, mom to a 4-year old Luca noted, “We were able to make our asks, but our stories were heard.

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