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(Moving as a teen is difficult and I'd like to make this as easy on the children as possible.)What does this mean for our daughter who will be a senior, last year of high school before college? Is it possible (zoning laws) to "live above the store? A factor is whether or not they will do post-secondary studies here." Meaning, we'd like to live above my husband's office to avoid driving. Another issue: You will need to decide between mixed or single gender schools, and whether or not you are comfortable with a parochial education.When you transfer into the Peruvian system, you will probably be expected to convalidate credits and even to fulfill prerequisites such as Peruvian history and geography. A much easier option will be to transfer your older kids into a school that follows a US curriculum, such as ICSL or Roosevelt. Be certain to bring certified copies of your kids school records. I wish I could tell you that it is an easy process, but it's not that simple...unless the school has a department that helps you out.EXPATPERU Whether you are planning to move to Peru, or you are already living here, the Expat Peru forum is a great place to meet people and to find information. Skip to content We will be moving our family of 6 to Lima in July of 2017.We are trying to determine best way to educate our 4 children - a then high school senior, a high school junior, a high school freshman and a 6 year old.With a limitless budget, you can get great schooling appropriate to your needs and good living quarters, but Lima, and particularly Miraflores and schools, are no longer the bargain they used to be. Generally, when does one need to apply for the next school year? Generally, when does one need to apply for the next school year?All schools that i am aware of - with the exception of the International Christian School in Miraflores (ICSL) - follow a March to December school year.

Some apartment buildings (though not many) share offices and living space, though most are uniquely dwellings. An awful lot of the questions you ask will fundamentally depend on how much money you can spend. Do schools in Peru generally follow the same calendar? Do schools in Peru generally follow the same calendar?My husband speaks fluent Spanish, the rest of us have rudimentary at best Spanish skills. Most likely you will want to keep the three eldest together, with some flexibility with the youngest. If you can be walking distance to the school, it is one less headache.Is is best of we have tutors until the children are able to communicate in Spanish or is an American/English school better? Start here for a list of international schools, many of which most courses are taught in English. Some, but not all schools, are divided physically between elementary and middle/senior. But if you need to drive - in my experience anyway - trips to school in the morning were 30 minutes round trip, and sometimes longer in the afternoon.If school is better, which schools in Miraflores are the best at accommodating non-Spanish speakers and new students? Car pooling or paying for a pickup service are frequently used.This will be our first time living outside of the States. Do we need to specifically look for a place to live that is near the school? For the older kids, you'd likely want an English curriculum because making a switch to Spanish in the final pre-college years might be a push.

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