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Anniversaries come once a year, they deserve quite a bit of attention, and a little spice to make your special day memorable!We are helping you create the perfect anniversary celebration.That's the time when you're still getting to know each other, you don't know that you want to go farther; you don't know that your partner does.Besides, most relationships last for one or two months.Celebrating a two year dating anniversary should be a trip alone together.You might do something you've always wanted to do - something that the two of you will remember forever.Even then, it might be hard to find a great gift for your significant other for your five year anniversary. Buy Now You two go together like peas and carrots, very complimentary!Buy Now If you still put up with him after five years, but he drives you a bit crazy, then this shirt is for him. Buy Now A beautiful, yet simple ring, can sometimes be the best gift you give. Buy Now If they are always complaining about you not using a coaster, you just might want to get them these extra nice gold mirror heart coasters as your five year dating anniversary gift. Frame this up so they can hang it on the wall at home.

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Buy Now Personalized with both your initials and the date you two met, this gemstone bracelet is sure to become their favorite one. Buy Now If one or both of you are fans of Friends, this “You are my lobster” keychain or necklace symbolizes how you were meant to be.Buy Now Personalize this heart charm necklace with both of your initials for them to keep close at heart, even when you have to be apart. Make sure to get your significant other a super nice gift to memorialize the day together.Celebrating dating anniversaries is not about a lavish party or any kind of expensive event.Let's take a look at the special dating anniversaries that you should be celebrating. If you've been together for three months the bloom is not off the rose of romance, but celebrating the event tells your mate that you want to continue the relationship even though you've now started to see some of her or his faults and foibles.A nice meal in a special place is a great way to celebrate this dating anniversary.

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