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By this page we hope to provide you with news on fake designer jewelry currently offered at online auctions, mainly e Bay.Some of this jewelry has trickled down to flea markets and antique malls as well.From time to time, dealers offer old stock of saphiret -like stones called "sappharines," made in mid-century Germany.The sappharines were used by Whiting & Davis , Weiss, Hobe, and other design houses during the 50s and 60s and, along with Saphirets, the true antique Czech glass, are treasured by collectors.These patents provide an invaluable source of information as to the designer and date of pieces, and in some cases (with unsigned items), as to the identity of the manufacturer as well.We have been doing our homework to supplement the superb resource provided by the Brunialti's great books (see below).Over 750 color photographs of costume jewelry This book provides beginning collectors with friendly one-on-one advice on how to begin a collection and how to recognize good quality costume jewelry.

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This is available - both new and second hand at this link.

But an unscrupulous seller, like the one below takes removes old stones and installs saphirets or sappharines in their place.

The final result is offered on e Bay, and perhaps elsewhere as OUTSTANDING VINTAGE SAPHIRET BROOCH, gleaning hundreds of dollars a shot.

by Francesca Price, Edifir, Florence, 2002 - in Italian, full of important interpretation, new information, pictures (a great many from this site) and with an important appendix of original gouache design drawings from the Trifari design department archives.

Entirely focused on Trifari, as the title suggests, it's particularly strong on the 1950s and later, nicely complementing the Brunialti books.

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