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Totally agree about his performance in Life as a House. Natalie Portman also gave a god awful performance and she can good with the right director/script.The entire blame can't be on Hayden, even though he was quite bad.“Yes, the engagement is off,” Bilson’s rep tells PEOPLE, but declined to provide details on the breakup. Distance was reportedly one of the main reasons for the split. A., and Christensen in Canada, “It just wasn’t working out,” says a pal of the actress. Agreed, R9, that he was good in both of those films.He also did well in one area in the SW films: his body language and the use of his eyes.

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There was a post in another thread where someone said something about him dumping his old friends for his new actor friends. It's not as if they desperately needed teenage girls to pad out their audience.

I remember when he was a dramafag who identified as "bi" and his mother was running all over town using her contacts to get all her kids on TV. A voracious cockhound, in fact, as d'Arcy informed us a decade ago.

And all the bearding in the world won't change that fact. Well, he should have looked at Mark Hamill and seen his own future.

Routh was wrongly blamed for the failure of the Superman Returns.

Routh was actually the only thing tolerable about the movie.

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