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It is difficult to obtain reliable information because the war precludes research in many areas. Angola is a country of 482,625 square miles (approximately 1.25 million square kilometers) in western Africa, south of the Equator.

There are great variations in climate and geography, including rain forests in the north, drier coastal lands, the fertile central highlands, sandy soils in the east, and desert zones in the Kunene (Cuene) and Kuando Kubango provinces.

Despite a high annual growth rate, in the beginning of 2000 the population was estimated at 12.6 million.

Since a census has not been held since 1970, the figures are difficult to evaluate.

These plans materialized slowly; not until the beginning of the twentieth century did Portuguese colonialism reach the borders of present-day Angola.

"Politically and economically, the timing is favourable," said Mingas."The Angolan government has promised to build one million homes by 2012, including 120,000 low cost homes," Mingas said."We hope the presentation of the exhibition in Luanda will lead to concrete project," said Triennale director Mateus.Others came as "auto-assembly" kits, meaning they could be built quickly and cheaply."The main difficulty was grasping the reality of Angolan life," said Angela Mingas, an Angolan architect and jury member who examined all entries.

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